Saturday, January 07, 2006

Goals, Attitudes and Beliefs


Live each day like it is my last.
Have balance in my life (family, friends, work, sports, etc.)
Take care of the people who are most important in my life.
Treat others with love and respect.
Live a healthy, successful and passionate life.
Be thoughtful and considerate…the world does not revolve around me.
Be true to myself…don’t be afraid of what I might find.


It doesn’t take talent to work hard.
It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.
Improve your performance by improving your attitude.
Run to the battle.
Suck it up and deal with adversity.
What doesn’t kill you makes your stronger.


The quality of your life is determined by the quality of people in your life.
Winners come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – a big heart.
Winners look for opportunities, and when they don’t find any, they make them.
A team’s true spirit and character are revealed not when they are winning, but when they are losing.
Some of your best days come on rainy days.

Friday, December 23, 2005

My So Called Family...

fam·i·ly ( P ) Pronunciation Key (fm-l, fml)n.

  1. A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children.
  2. Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place.
  3. All the members of a household under one roof.

I walked out on my mom during dinner last night. I'm home for the holidays and we planned on having a nice dinner in the city. Things were going great...we were having great conversation and were being very "real" for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately or fortunately, things took a turn. We started talking about "the divorce" and lot of open wounds were quickly on the table. Mom has always hinted that my sister and I are to blame for the separation...last night she finally said it.

Is there anything wrong with an 18-year old kid and wanting to see his parents happy?

I'm done trying to convince my Mom of that...and I can live with it. If she wants to blame me for the / no problem. All I want if for Mom to take some (regardless of how small the amount) ownership in the divorce and not blame everyone else. I hate it when people feel sorry for themselves and don't look at themselves before blaming other people. I will never have a great relationship with her until she understands this.

On a different note, I feel blessed for the relationships I have with my friends and family and I wouldn't trade them for the world. Also, I am so extremely happy with my girlfriend Martha and our relationship. We recently had our 1-year anniversary...a big step for me. Sometimes I still feel like I'm walking on the moon when I get into uncomfortable situations...but a lot less frequently. She is a great girl and I am very lucky to be with her.

Futhermore, my friends have been my foundation...they've been there for everything...and they were there again last night. They are my family and always will be. I know I wouldn't be the person I am today with them. I can only hope I've been there for them as much as they've been there for me.

I don't know if I'll ever be okay with my Dad, Mom & Sister...but I do know that when I have MY family...things will be different.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My First Blog...

Not that this needs to be overly dramatic...but here is my first blog. Less exhilarating than my first step, my first word, my first day of school, or my first kiss...but it's a first nonetheless.

So what is a blog? And what should I say?

Well...I'm 26 and I'm living in Boston, MA. I've been there for 4+ years and I recently had a 4 year anniversary at work and even more impressive...a one year anniversary with my girlfriend Martha. I love living in Boston because it's so different from where I grew up in Oregon. I grew up in a town where you'd be pulled over for driving 32 m.p.h., I'd never honked my horn or given another driver "the finger". Now it's common practice.

To be honest...what I am most proud of in my life is the decision to move out here. I took a risk...a big risk to move 3000 miles from friends, family and everything I knew to be familiar. Thanks to some great people I've met out here...Boston has become my home. When you are faced with tend to learn a lot about yourself.

We are faced with so many decisions each day that it's hard to feel 100% about your direction. You know how people tell you to listen to your heart...and it will guide you. heart seems to be a little shy and doesn't like to talk much. I have a very difficult time finding my inner truth. I do, however, know for sure that I have a strong desire to be extremely relationships, in work, in every aspect of life. I feel blessed with the opportunites I have been given and I feel I've made the most out of life up to this point. I just want to (as Spike Lee would say) "do the right thing."

I guess it all comes back around to that monumental first step, first word, first day of school, first kiss, or first blog...the only way to do it is to try.